String Ensemble

Our String Ensemble unites passionate string players who enjoy playing beautiful music pieces together as a team.

We have two different classes: one of the classes is targeted for basic to intermediate level with a focus on fine-tuning skills in the Cello and Double Bass; the other class is the String Ensemble Class with a focus on mastering the music piece together.  Both classes are trained in music theory and concert etiquette. We meet every Friday and additional practices are held prior to performances and competitions. In String Ensemble, we believe in working in unity and presenting beautiful pieces to our audiences.


Name Email ID
Mdm Hoong Xiu Qin (i/c)
Mr Edmund Wu
 Mdm Anna Asha Mohan
 Ms Wendy 

Cello & Double Bass
Mondays, 2.15 p.m. – 4.15 p.m., ACS(P) 2ALC

Mondays, 2.15 p.m. - 4.15 p.m., ACS(P) Music Room (Level 2)