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The Music programme incorporates:

  • developing awareness and appreciation for music of various cultures
  • developing abilities for creative expression through music-making
  • providing the basis to develop an informed and life-long involvement in music

For Primary 1 to Primary 3, the Music curriculum revolves around “experience”, “concept” and “application”.  From Primary 4, students move on to learn the recorder and musical concepts are taught with greater depth to achieve the outcomes of a student-centric music curriculum. We adopt a holistic approach in enriching the pupils aesthetically by bringing the necessary musical experiences into our classrooms.


Visual Art

The Visual Art programme incorporates:

  • expressing  ideas, feelings and experiences in visual and tactile forms
  • fostering sensitivity towards, and enjoyment and appreciation of, the visual arts
  • developing the skills and techniques necessary for creative expression and individuality

For Primary 1 to Primary 3, the visual art curriculum focuses on the hands-on, experiential aspects where they get to ‘play’ and ‘explore’ different art media and art elements. For Primary 4 to Primary 6, students are ready to progress deeper in various art forms/media. The curriculum aims to ensure continuity in achieving the key learning outcomes of “seeing”, “expressing” and “appreciating”.