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  • For pupils who have no prior knowledge in the arts
  • Provide pupils with experience and exposure to various art forms 

  • For pupils who have the talent or inclination or training in the arts
  • Provide varied platforms to showcase pupils’ talents in performing and visual arts
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Visual Arts 

The programme aims to enrich our Primary 2 pupils with the culture and heritage of other countries. Through group interaction, presentations and experimentation; pupils become a confident, creative and well-exposed Individuals. They learn to connect ideas and express themselves in their art making.

Performing Arts

Under the Performing Arts domain, a Contemporary Dance programme is customised for the P1 pupils. They learn to create simple dance routines to selected music extracts.  Pupils are then taught to create their own dance routines  in groups so as to enable a better appreciation of the arts through creative learning.

Recess Concerts

Recess Concerts serve as a platform for pupils to showcase their talents in the performing arts. ACS (P) also aims to educate pupils on concert etiquette. These concerts are held during recess and the audience comprises pupils from the performers’ classes. It is in this non-threatening, familiar setting that the performers feel more at ease to express themselves. 


Arts Fest
Arts Fest in ACS(P) is an annual event alternating between performing arts and visual arts. Arts Fest Kaleidoscope focuses on showcasing our pupils’ talents in the performing arts, namely the Choir, Synergy Performing Arts Group, Guitar Ensemble and String Ensemble. We also aim to provide pupils with exposure to various arts groups and performances during this event.

Arts Fest Appreciate! focuses on showcasing our pupils artwork in an exhibition, featuring a wide range of virtual displays selected from each class, including the exquisite Chinese brush paintings by Funzone and other interesting artworks by the Art Club.

P6 Graduating Mural
This project was started in 2007. Every P6 pupil embarks on individual art pieces based on various themes such as mosaic tiles, tessellated patterns in art and tile painting. These art pieces are then put together to eventually form the 'Graduating Class Mural'.

Aesthetics CCAs

Pupils have an array of aesthetics CCAs to choose from, both in the performing and visual arts. The Choir, Guitar Ensemble, String Ensemble, Synergy Performing Arts Groups and Art Club provide an avenue for performing and creative expression. This is in line with our mission to provide a holistic education for all ACS(P) pupils.