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English Language


At ACS (Primary), we aim at providing a holistic education that will help develop our pupils in all the four main areas namely Affective, Cognitive, Social and Physical. The English Language programmes are designed to help pupils develop cognitive and literacy skills that will help them become effective communicators and independent learners.

We have incorporated the following key focus areas that will maximise our pupils’ learning capacity:
1) Differentiation - Activities such as Wits and Words are put in place to stretch the potential of pupils who are highly proficient in the English Language. The Reading Warriors Programme is carried out for the P1 and P2 pupils who need additional support in acquiring reading skills.

2) ICT – iPads are used to enhance the learning of the English Language. The P2 Amazing Race is an ICT-integrated learning journey that uses the iPad 2 for data-collection and processing. In addition, the Student Learning Space e-learning portal supports classroom teaching.

3) Experiential Education – To provide an authentic learning environment and opportunities to explore, Learning Journeys are put in place. STELLAR lessons which incorporate hands-on activities are also carried out in the classroom to give pupils opportunities for self-discovery and independent learning.

4) Creativity – We plan activities during our yearly EL Fortnight which encourage our pupils to become critical and creative thinkers. We have also incorporated hands-on activities in the STELLAR classroom to allow our pupils to express their creativity. P1 Paper bag Puppet Making and P1 Mooncake Fridge Magnet Making are some examples.