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Infocomm Technology

In ACS(P), our pupils are equipped with the necessary 21CC. Hence, our school has a 6-year Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Plan for the pupils. Each year, specific ICT skills are taught and it is progressively taught over the pupils’ six years in the school. Our ICT vision is to optimize the use of ICT to empower our education process so as to become a successful ICT-integrated school.

The two main goals of our department are to:

  • support, integrate and develop the use of ICT; and
  • increase the competencies of pupils and teachers in the use of ICT.

The key concepts of ICT are self-directed learning and collaborative learning.

The school believes in bringing out TACS such as Effective Communicator and Creative Learner in each child. Hence, the ICT department provides the training for selected pupils to be ICT representatives. These pupils will take charge of handling the ICT equipment in class. There are also Cyber wellness ambassadors in the school. These ambassadors work closely with the teacher in-charge to create an awareness of cyber wellness in school. They are given opportunities to speak during assembly periods on various aspects of cyber wellness.