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Our school has a 6-year Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Plan for the pupils. 

6-year ICT Programme
(Click on “6 Years ICT Programme 2016" to view and download PDF document)

6-Year Library Skills Programme

The programme started in 2009. It aims to equip pupils with library skills that are progressive through the years. The programme also aims to arouse pupils’ interest in reading and expose them to a wide variety of reading and reference materials. The pupils are scheduled to go to the library once a week during EL (Library) period where the teachers make use of a school-based resource package to supplement the English Language curriculum. The 6-year Library Skills Development programme aims to equip pupils with knowledge and skills and values like obedience and perseverance so that they can be creative learners and effective communicators.

The school conducts a one-day e-Learning programme in Semester 1 and Semester 2 for pupils in Primary 1 to Primary 5. e-Learning brings with it new dimensions in education and definite benefits over traditional classroom training. The objectives are for pupils to:

  • be self-directed learners and be responsible for their own learning;
  • access and download learning materials from the e-Learning portal;
  • complete assignments; and
  • check for important announcements through the e-Learning portal (message board).

Refers to the positive well-being of Internet users. It involves an understanding of the risk of harmful online behaviours and an awareness of how to protect oneself and other Internet users from such behaviours. Pupils must take note of the following important points when they are online:

  • Be a safe and responsible user of the internet.
  • Respect self & others – use appropriate language while chatting online or composing an email, do not visit undesirable webpage.
  • Do not reveal your personal information online.
  • Do not be addicted to online games.
  • Stay away from online bullies, and report them to their teachers/parents.