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In ACS(P), the goal of the Mathematics curriculum is to develop students’ numeracy, reasoning, thinking skills and problem-solving skills. It is our aim for the pupils to acquire the necessary Mathematical concepts and skills for everyday life, develop the necessary process skills for the acquisition and application of Mathematical concepts and skills and to develop positive attitudes for Mathematics.

Our Mathematics lessons and programmes focus on incorporating Info-communication technology (ICT), experiential learning, curriculum differentiation and citizenship and character development (CCE). Various ICT tools like the school e-learning portal and Classroom Performance System (CPS) are used in the teaching of Mathematical concepts. Pupils have opportunities to learn experientially through hands-on activities while a number of Mathematics lessons are conducted outside the classroom. Curriculum differentiation is carried out in the Mathematics classroom through banding and differentiated lessons. We believe that every child is unique and different strategies and approaches are used to help the child in the subject. Values are taught wherever applicable in the various Mathematical topics.