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At ACS (Primary), we aim at providing a holistic education that will help develop our pupils in all the four main areas namely Affective, Cognitive, Social and Physical. The Mother Tongue Department (Chinese Language) seeks to provide a linguistically exciting, culturally vibrant and morally positive environment for our pupils. We believe such a learning environment will be conducive for our pupils’ development in these four main areas.

We have also incorporated the following four initiatives that will help to maximise their learning capacity and develop them into independent learners with creative and critical thinking skills:
1) Differentiation – We are committed to bring out the unique potential of every pupil through curriculum differentiation. We customize our teaching resources like oral skills and comprehension skills booklets as well as pedagogies, according to the needs and ability of our pupils

2) ICT - We believe in using ICT as a value-adding tool for classroom learning. When we use ICT tools for our lessons, we expect pupils to engage in either Self-directed Learning or Collaborative Learning. Student learning platform such as Student Learning Space, iMTL Portal are used. Some ICT tools used are: Nearpod, Linoit and Kahoot.

3) Experiential Education – We believe in taking lessons beyond the classrooms. For P1 and P2, we have Fun Days, where P1 and P2 pupils learn to converse in Chinese in an authentic setting.

4) Creativity – In order to encourage our pupils to become good problem-solvers and to develop critical and creative thinking skills, we have incorporated different strategies into our lessons, eg.  Make Thinking Visible.