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The programmes in the Science Department aims to support the school in its Vision of developing every ACScian holistically in the areas of character, capability and creativity. We hope to do this by promoting the iHOPEFUL school values and the school’s desired outcomes in the ACSP domains of affective, cognitive, social and physical.

In preparing our pupils for the PSLE, we adopt the National Science Curriculum with its three main focus on knowledge, the Science Process Skills as well as the acquisition of the desirable scientific attitudes. Lessons are taught using the Inquiry approach using the strategy of the 5 Es (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate) and incorporate the school’s three focus areas of Differentiated Instruction, Experiential Education and the use of ICT. We hope to see our boys enjoying Science and appreciate it not just as a learning subject but as something alive, beautiful and relevant in their daily lives.

Being a boys’ school, our curriculum, programmes, events and activities are tailored to meet the special needs of boys, their multiple intelligences (MI) and the unique ways by which they learn. We build in many hands-on activities and we cater to their kinaesthetic, visual and competitive needs. Most of our programmes are school-wide whilst we do have special niche programmes that cater for a select group of our High Progressing (HP) pupils.