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Assessment Matters

(Only for IP Departments)

The assessments in Science are both formative and summative in nature.

Formative Assessments
For all levels, after each topic has been taught; process skills worksheets and topical revision worksheets are given to the pupils to gauge their understanding and mastery of what they have been taught. Results of these are then used by the teachers to either identify pupils for remediation or to reteach a particular topic that the pupils might be weak in.

Practical tests and alternative assessment (AA) tasks are also set for the pupils from P3 to P5. These tests are both formative as well as summative in nature as they contribute to a certain percentage towards the annual overall assessment of the pupils in Science.

Summative Assessments
These take the form of the Mid-Year as well as the End-of-Year Science examination papers that all pupils have to sit for. To ensure that our pupils are constantly revisiting the topics that they have learned in the previous years, questions testing concepts learned in the previous years are also included in both examinations.

Throughout the year, the teachers progressively prepare the boys for both the formative and summative assessment tasks. Amongst others, we have special lessons to teach our boys how to answer examination-type questions. These are done through our Answering Techniques Workshops/lessons.