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Social Studies

The Social Studies (SS) curriculum spans across the primary and secondary levels. The curriculum aspires towards the educative growth of the SS learner as an informed, concerned and participative citizen at the end of a full course of SS education.

The Philosophy of Social Studies
At the heart of the Singapore Social Studies (SS) curriculum is the preparation of our pupils to be citizens of tomorrow through a better understanding of the connection between Singapore and the world they live in, as well as by appreciating the complexities of the human experience. Drawing on the social life that is of meaning and interest to the learners, SS seeks to arouse the pupils’ curiosity to inquire into real-world issues that concern their lives. Through inquiry and authentic learning experiences, SS helps pupils to obtain relevant knowledge and gain an understanding of these issues, to develop critical and reflective thinking skills, and to appreciate multiple perspectives.

SS seeks to inculcate in pupils a deeper understanding of the values that define the Singaporean society. It is also aimed at nurturing dispositions to show concern for the world they live in and to demonstrate empathy in their relationships with others. The curriculum therefore envisions the SS pupil as an informed, concerned and participative citizen who is competent in quality decision-making and has an impassioned spirit to contribute responsibly in the world he/she lives in.

Social Studies in ACS(P)
In ACS(P), pupils go on inter-disciplinary SS learning journeys to complement their learning in the classrooms. These learning journeys best exemplify one of the school’s key approaches to learning - experiential education.

Authentic assessments are implemented for SS. Pupils are holistically assessed based on differentiated project tasks and reflections for learning journeys.Content for ‘Social Studies in Singapore’ and ‘Philosophy of Social Studies’ adapted from CPDD (Humanities) online information for educators