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Innergy Award 2015 – P1 and P2 Fun Day

The P1 and P2 Fun Day won a Commendation Award for the Innergy (Schools) Award 2015.  The Innergy (Schools) Awards aims to  recognise teams that have spent time developing, testing and/or implementing innovations to bring about significant benefits in the school.  This is the first time our school has received this award.   The P1 and P2 Fun Day is part of our school’s experiential education (EE) approach, where all P1 and P2 pupils can learn and apply conversational Chinese in authentic scenarios.  With the support from parent volunteers (PVs), different community settings like clinic, movie theatre, taxi-stand etc. are set up and pupils move around to visit the various stations and participate in the various activities.  During the activities, pupils visit the different station and converse with the parent volunteers manning the stations in Mandarin to complete their tasks.