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P6 Science Enrichment: F1 in schools (2015)

A total of 45 pupils signed up for the F1 in schools programme which was conducted over 4 sessions on the 9th, 15th, 16th and 23rd of March. The 4 different sessions exposed our pupils to many interesting concepts and facts about F1 cars such as the theory behind the forces involved during F1 racing. During sessions 2 and 3, they were given the opportunity to use ICT for their learning by using the CAD software to design their cars and a hands-on activity to showcase their creativity when they sand down and paint their own model racing cars.

The final session was a competition among the pupils for the various categories such as best car design, best team identity and the fastest race times.

The results of the competition are as follows:
Best team identity: 1st – Dynamic, 2nd – LiteXspeed, 3rd – 501st Generation

Best car design: 1st – Joel Li (6F), 2nd – Elliot Yong (6H), 3rd – Kylle Young (6I)

Fastest reaction time: 1st – Ethan Koh (6F), 2nd – Koh Kok Shane (6D), 3rd - Kylle Young (6I)

Fastest race time: 1st – Infinity Flash, 2nd – Hurricane, 3rd – Team Dynamic

A big congratulation to all the winners and all boys who took part in this programme.