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P6 Science Flight Endurance Competition 2015

In term 2, to tie in with the Science topic on Forces, the P6 boys took part in a competition to design a paper plane that can remain in flight longest in the air. The Science teachers showed the boys various designs of paper planes and they displayed the trait of a creative learner by improvising the designs. 

An intra-class competition was carried out and the winner was selected to represent their class in the level competition. Prior to the level competition, each finalist was given the chance to be an effective communicator when they publicised their planes in front of the whole school. 

In the finals, the six finalists were given two opportunities to fly their planes from outside of the concert hall to the canteen. The average of the two timings was taken to decide the winner. 

The winners are: In 3rd position – Wong Chuen Shao 6A (3.84 seconds), in 2nd position – Joshua Rusly Chai Ting Hong 6C (5.5 seconds) and in 1st position – Lucas Teo Rui-Zhe 6D (7.69 seconds). 

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists, as well as all the P6 boys who participated in this competition!