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Young Scientist Card 2015

The Young Scientist Card is an enrichment activity that the teachers use to engage the P3 to P5 pupils. The interactive activities in the card engage the pupils to be more excited in learning about Science and to reinforce the Science concepts covered in the class.

All P3 to P5 pupils participated in the completion of these Science Cards. The P3s completed the Young Zoologists Card where the activities are closely related to the topic of living things that they learn in Diversity. The P4s worked on the Young Physicists Card on physical science topics about energy, sound and even metals. The pupils worked enthusiastically on the tasks in the card and ended up creating amazingly good musical instruments or periscopes made from recycling materials. Lastly, the P5s explored the Young Geneticist Card where they researched about the science on genes, traits and DNA. During the process, the pupils even conducted an experiment to extract DNA from a fruit.