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2017 President’s Scholar from ACS(P)

One of our old boys, Lee Tat Wei, who graduated in 2010, has been awarded the President’s Scholarship this year. He has also been awarded the Public Service Commission Scholarship tied to the Foreign Service. Last year, former ACS(P) student Sean Ong Zhi Han was also awarded the President’s Scholarship.

Looking back at his primary school days, Tat Wei attributed a few reasons that made his time at ACS(P) meaningful for him. He cited opportunities for new ideas and experiences as one of the reasons. Tat Wei expressed gratitude to the mentorship of his teachers who had laid the foundation for how he would treat learning now. He also mentioned close friendships as one other reason that made his time at ACS(P) meaningful. To quote him: “In ACS(P), the friends you make will stay with you for a long time - regardless of which schools you next go to - because the AC fabric weaves us all together as we confront new challenges ahead of us”.

When asked for words of encouragement for current boys in ACS(P), Tat Wei raised a few salient points. First, he wants to encourage all boys to not be deterred by setbacks or failures. He reflected that while it was easy, with passion, to put in a lot of effort, it was less easy to be soft on oneself when faced with failure. He also wishes to encourage the boys to take failure seriously, but never to mope about it. Instead, he urges them to turn that failure into motivation. Lastly, Tat Wei stresses the importance of having fun in Primary School - fun that allows the formation of memories one can look back on with happiness and nostalgia.

Truly, Tat Wei is an ACSian who has lived up to our motto: The Best Is Yet To Be!