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Flight Endurance – Lessons on Forces and Energy

10 April 2017

While ‘Forces’ and ‘Energy’ may prove concepts difficult to understand and show, what better way to get P6 boys motivated than a competition to make paper planes that would stay in flight the longest, to illustrate the scientific principles behind. Pupils were introduced to various paper plane designs, but many experimented on their own, displaying the trait of a creative learner. In the elimination round, pupils tried to outdo their classmates, and six winners emerged from P6A to P6F, one from each class. At the finals on 10 April, the six ‘aviators’ were each given three tries to fly their planes off the auditorium stage; the average of their three tries was to be their score to beat and Keith Emet Huan (P6E) came in 1st, with a flight time of 4.14 seconds, followed by Liu Kia Max (P6C) in 2nd (3.1 seconds), and Dylan Yip Ding Sing (P6F), in a close 3rd (2.69 seconds). 

Mr Koh Yee Lee 
Science Teacher