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CARE Week 2018

To Coach, Affirm, Relate and Enthuse – the CARE Principle that guides us in relating to our pupils is the focus of the first week of school, aptly named CARE Week. CARE Week provided the form teachers a platform to build and strengthen Teacher-Student Relationship (TSR) right from the start of the year.  Before the start of 2018, form teachers met to brainstorm strategies to forge a common class identity with pupils of their respective form classes. In addition to building TSR, the programmes planned during CARE Week also aimed at developing our pupils in the four ACSP domains – Affective, Cognitive, Social and Physical.  Boys were given CARE Week Passports each to complement their learning – guided by scaffolding questions, they reflected upon the activities of the week and recorded their findings.  

Mdm Eilina Look
Year Head/Lower Primary