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Art Club

The Art Club recognises the relevance of art in the lives and development of our pupils. Positive learning ensues as activities are planned along the three guiding principles.

The first principle is the inculcation of correct values to the pupils. Other than respecting the materials and tools provided, members are encouraged to care for the environment and reduce, reuse and recycle. Members also get to foster and develop 21st Century Competencies such as self-management, relationship management, communication, collaboration, problem-solving skills, as well as inventive thinking.

Secondly, in every art activity, there is always an element of fun. The pupils play with different media such as clay, paint and mosaic tiles as they explore various art elements like colours, textures, tones, lines and shapes. They interact, share their ideas freely with one another and express themselves through their artwork.

Last but not least, pupils learn a variety of art-making skills and are encouraged to explore and experiment.


NameEmail ID
Mdm Jessica Lai (i/c)
Mrs Sharron

Mondays, 2:15 p.m. – 4:15 p.m., ACS(P) Level 5 Art Room.