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The ACS(P) Brand of Education

The ACS(P) brand of education is anchored on our Founder, Bishop Oldham’s vision of the ACS philosophy of education. 

This is rooted on Academic Excellence, Strength of Character and Christian Service. The school’s vision is to produce young ACSian gentlemen of character, capability and creativity. Our mission is to provide an all-round education in an environment which seeks to bring out the potential in every child to the fullest and to develop in him a strong moral character, imbued with Christian values and principles to guide him for life ahead. 

The ACSian lies at the heart of the ACS(P) brand of education; every programme that the school puts in place is to provide a holistic education which the Year Head Team oversees to cater to the all-round development of the students in the following domains:

Affective Cognitive Social Physical

To realise our vision, the school hopes to develop in our young ACS(P) gentlemen four traits; these are the iHOPEFUL Leader, a Creative Learner, an Effective Communicator and a Community Collaborator.

At ACS (Primary), we also offer the Gifted Education Programme that covers the mainstream core syllabus in greater depth and breadth, providing enrichment in terms of the content, process, product and learning environment to develop intellectual rigour and character.  




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