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Pastoral Care Programme

a) 6-year iHOPEFUL Values (PC) Lessons
The values education curriculum is a 6-year progressive lesson package that teaches the
iHOPEFUL values explicitly according to age-appropriateness. It helps the pupils to think, develop and learn about the values. The curriculum nurtures the pupils into young men of character in line with our school’s mission of developing in our pupils a strong moral character, imbued with Christian values and principles to guide and prepare them for the life ahead. These values are taught explicitly during morning assembly and the weekly Pastoral Care Values Education period. These values are also infused into the curriculum and taught by teachers.

The iHOPEFUL values are the school values with each letter representing a value which we hope to inculcate in our pupils.

i : integrity
H: Humility
O: Obedience
P: Perseverance
E: Empathy
F: Faithfulness
U: Unity
L: Loyalty

b) Morning Assembly Programme

Staff, partners and pupils take turns to share about the iHOPEFUL values during the daily morning assembly. Pupils also share results of achievements and prize giving with the school and share about the school values learnt from the experience.