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Buddy Reading Programme
A Buddy Reading programme is in place for pupils of P2. Selected pupils are invited to take part in this programme. They will partner a P5 pupil, who will guide them in character recognition and reading. This programme runs twice weekly


Remedial Programme
Pupils from reinforcement classes in P3 and P4 will attend weekly remedials which focus on examination skills. Teachers will also focus on the various examination components like oral skills.

P5 & P6 Supplementary

P5 and P6 pupils will attend supplementary once every week. At P5, we will progressively prepare the pupils for PSLE.

P5 & P6 Oral Communication Buddy Programme

P5 & P6 pupils who need more help for oral in the area of picture description and conversation will be selected for this programme. They will be given 1 to 1 coaching from our trained Parent volunteers. The pupils will be assessed based on a rubric and will be given feedback for areas of improvements. This programme runs twice weekly.

P1 - P6

Curriculum Differentiation
To cater to the learning needs of pupils, our learning materials such as spelling lists, oral skills package, writing skills worksheets and class practices are customized to better cater to the different learning needs of our pupils. For example, lower primary bridging classes have scaffolders such as hanyu pinyin in their Spelling list, and pupils in the enrichment classes have elaborate resources to stretch the pupils. The Oral Package and Writing Skills worksheets are designed for pupils from P3 to P6.

Reading programme
We expose our pupils to news magazine, Haopengyou, for P1 and P2 together with the Small Readers. After reading the story books, pupils engage in various post-reading activities to gauge the understanding of their reading. With the help of parents, pupils are also encouraged to record their reading in school and at home on the Reading Card.



Mother Tongue Fortnight
To provide a culturally vibrant learning environment, there are various level and school-wide activities which expose our pupils to the Chinese Culture and richness of the language. For example, P4 pupils do Chinese Opera and P5 Chinese engage in kuai ban 快板. Through these, they learn about the significance and cultural background of the activities.

To provide a linguistically exciting environment, Pupils are given various practical tasks. Pupils in P3 will read and understand jokes, and recreate the jokes in the form of comics. The P6 pupils will apply the vocabulary learnt during comprehension lessons, in their creation of advertisements and notices. The P1 and P2 pupils learn to converse in Chinese in an authentic setting during the P1 and P2 Fun Days. The Fun Days adapt the concept of kidzania and bring the community to the doorstep of our pupils.

After the activities, representatives from thevarious levels, including ML and TL pupils put up a concert for the school during assembly to show case what they have learnt during the MTL Fortnight



P2 Amazing Race
This is an inter-disciplinary activity that ties in with the themes of community, neighbourhood and occupations. Pupils learn about the type of services provided in a community. Questions related to the community are asked and pupils use iPads to answer the questions.