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Assessment Matters

(Only for IP departments)

Our Assessment focuses mainly on the four skills which are reading, writing, listening and speaking. Pupils are given ample practice to develop these skills.

Emphasis is on spoken Tamil for the lower primary pupils to nurture confidence for them to handle Show and Tell. The upper primary pupils are encouraged to speak in Tamil increasing their vocabulary content and using them effectively. Proper intonation, expression and pronunciation are emphasized for reading at all levels. Uninterrupted, Sustained Silent Reading (USSR) is also conducted to facilitate wider reading. To help the pupils to sharpen their listening skills, they are exposed to various recordings of different genres like advertisement, conversation and news reading in class.

Focused revision on each examination component is given to pupils from Primary 3 to Primary 6. This exposes them to various question types, thus giving them confidence to tackle such questions. Pupils are also given revision papers to help them prepare for examination and time-management is emphasized in the process. The strengths and weaknesses of each child are highlighted to bring these to their awareness.