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  • Our Mother Tongue Department (Tamil) focuses on the holistic development of each pupil and organises programmes to that end. Our weekly Buddy Reading programme encourages upper primary pupils to help the lower primary pupils in their reading skills. The Tamil Speech and Drama Workshop is an annual workshop conducted to develop confidence in the language through enjoyable and engaging activities. 

  • MTL Fortnight activities are conducted for pupils to appreciate the language and culture better. This year, Silambaattam (Indian Martial Arts) was introduced to the pupils. They were very enthused in learning the traditional art of self-defense. They were also introduced to traditional Indian cuisine called Idiyaappam and the Indian art of henna painting. Primary 5 pupils also had an enriching experience during the MTL Camp at UPTLC. 

  • Our Learning Journeys, conducted in Tamil, are tailored to enhance the appreciation of language and culture. We have organized learning journeys to the Tamil Murasu Press, Umar Pulavar Tamil Language Centre and Vignesh Diary Farm. Quizzes and simple games conducted on-site help pupils to have a focused outdoor learning experience while having fun. 

  • Pupils are able to extend the values learnt in school to the community at large through our Values in Action (VIA) Programme. Our partnership with Sree Narayana Mission is an avenue for pupils to integrate values, care for the less fortunate, physically challenged and to appreciate how blessed they are.