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In line with the school vision and mission, the school has developed and established effective partnerships with our key partners, namely: the management committee (Board of Governors - BOG); the ACS family of schools; the alumni (Old Boys' Association – OBA/Old Boys); parents (Parent Support Group – PSG); the Methodist Church in Singapore (MCS) and Barker Road Methodist Church (BRMC). The school harnesses the support of our key partners to improve the quality of our staff and student management processes.  

In addition, the school has also established purposeful relationships with other partners – schools within the S3 Cluster, GE Branch (GEB), GE Schools, community groups and external organisations.

At the heart of our partnership efforts lie the pupils. Our belief is that such partnerships enable the school to realize its desired outcome – all-round student development.

Every partnership that the school harnesses is to cater to the affective, cognitive, social and physical aspects of their development. Our approach to developing effective partnerships is to work together to identify and agree upon common desired outcomes. Indeed “our hearts, our hopes, our aims are one”.