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Niche (Sport) – Building Character through Swimming

  • The aim of this programme is for all pupils to achieve at least a bronze award and to learn the skills of flippa ball and kayaking.
  • All P1 to P6 pupils undergo a 8-session swimming programme during their PE periods.
  • In addition, P4 pupils are also taught flippa ball, P5 kayaking skills and P6 scuba diving lesson.

Niche (Sport) - Building Character through Bowling

  • Exposure Stage
All pupils from P1 to P4 undergo four sessions of mini-bowling during curriculum time. At P2, pupils with bowling potential will be invited to join the Bowling (Development) CCA.

  • Development Stage
Pupils who have interest in bowling or have shown bowling potential during mini-bowling lessons may join the Bowling (Development) CCA, which trains every Friday.

  • Elite Stage
Pupils who display greater potential will be invited to join the Bowling (School Team) CCA, which trains every Wednesday and Friday. They will have a chance to represent our school in both National and International bowling tournaments.

Annual Track & Field Meet and Swim Meet

  • The Track & Field Meet is for all pupils from P3 to P6 and the Swim Meet for pupils from P1 to P6.
  • These 2 events aim at mass participation and the pupils are encouraged to sign up.

TerrAqua Fest

  • This is a land-and-water games day for all P1 and P2 pupils with the aim of introducing friendly competition for young children.
  • All P1 and P2 pupils take part in this event and all participants are awarded a medal.

Programme for Active Learning (Sports & Games)

  • The Sports and Games module aims to develop communicative skills and teamwork among P2 pupils through various enjoyable games.

Programme for Active Learning (Outdoor Education)

  • The Outdoor Education module emphasises on development of interpersonal skills, relationship management and responsible decision-making competencies for P1 pupils.

Health Education Programmes

1. Eye Care
The topic on eye care is taught during Health Education lessons. In addition, pupils will learn more about eye care from talks during Assembly.

2. Little Bites
Every day, from 11.50 a.m. to 12.00 p.m., pupils are allowed to consume food in class. Teachers use this time to educate pupils on the type of healthy food that they should eat, e.g. wholemeal bread, fruits. Pupils will also get to learn more about consumption of healthy food from talks during Assembly.

3. Fruitti-Veggie Bites
Fruits and vegetables form an important part of our diet. A week has been set aside for the Fruitti-Veggie Bites inter-class competition. During this week, pupils are encouraged to eat fruits and vegetables during recess. Upon purchase of these foods, our canteen vendors will reward them with a small colourful Fruitti-Vege card. When the class pupils have collected 40 of these cards, they can exchange it for a big Fruitti-Vege card. The class with the most number of big cards will be declared the winner.