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Niche (Sport) – Building Character through Swimming

  • The aim of this programme is for all pupils to achieve at least a bronze award and to learn the skills of flippa ball and kayaking.
  • All P1 to P6 pupils undergo a 8-session swimming programme during their PE periods.
  • In addition, P4 pupils are also taught flippa ball, P5 kayaking skills and P6 scuba diving lesson.

Niche (Sport) - Building Character through Bowling

  • Exposure Stage
All pupils from P1 to P4 undergo four sessions of mini-bowling during curriculum time. At P2, pupils with bowling potential will be invited to join the Bowling (Development) CCA.

  • Development Stage
Pupils who have interest in bowling or have shown bowling potential during mini-bowling lessons may join the Bowling (Development) CCA, which trains every Friday.

  • Elite Stage
Pupils who display greater potential will be invited to join the Bowling (School Team) CCA, which trains every Wednesday and Friday. They will have a chance to represent our school in both National and International bowling tournaments.

Annual Track & Field Meet and Games Day

  • The Track & Field Meet is for all pupils from P3 to P6 and the Swim Meet for pupils from P1 to P6.
  • These 2 events aim at mass participation and the pupils are encouraged to sign up.

TerrAqua Fest

  • This is a land-and-water games day for all P1 and P2 pupils with the aim of introducing friendly competition for young children.
  • All P1 and P2 pupils take part in this event and all participants are awarded a medal.

Programme for Active Learning (Sports & Games)

  • The Sports and Games module aims to develop communicative skills and teamwork among P2 pupils through various enjoyable games.

Programme for Active Learning (Outdoor Education)

  • The Outdoor Education module emphasises on development of interpersonal skills, relationship management and responsible decision-making competencies for P1 pupils.