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Science Buskers Festival 2015

The Science Buskers Festival, organised by the Science Centre Singapore, is into its 8th year running; individuals and teams from schools gathered to showcase their talent in communicating science concepts to the public in interesting and creative ways.

A total of eight teams from ACS(P) participated in the audition rounds from 11-12 July. Two individual teams from our school qualified for the finals which involved two intensive days of busking.

Nicholas Tay (Pri 5D) put up a fantastic demonstration involving chemical reactions which produced a geyser of foam and soda in a dramatic fashion. 

Oliver Kuay from P3E captivated the hearts of the judges with his experiment involving the working principles behind nautical diving bells reminiscent of yesteryear. He stood out from the crowd and clinched the ‘Judges Award’ for special mention. 

For the first time, the organisers included an i-Inspire Category for educators and Mr Lee Lit Meing, our science teacher, was given the inaugural award for his entry. Do enjoy the short video clip that he presented.