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Founder's Day 2016

130 Years On!

1 March 2016Mr Lui Tuck Yew, a Distinguished Old Boy and the former Minister for Transport, was the Guest-of-Honour at our Founder’s Day celebrations. The Lee Hah Ing Scholarship and ACS OBA Meritorious Award (Gold) were presented to Goh Shen Ee Matthew [P6I 2015] while the Tan Khung Ngee Scholarship went to Joash Chow [P6D 2015]. Ms Kogilavani was honoured with the ACS OBA Outstanding Teacher Award In Loving Memory of Sandy Eu, and Mdm Jasmine Kaur was named the inaugural ACS(P) PSG CARE iHOPEFUL Educator. Two events preceded Founder’s Day this year – the inaugural Founder’s Day Commemorative Service on 29 February, and the blood donation drive on 27 February that marked the conclusion of ONE ACS SG50 ACtS of Service. The service took pupils down memory lane in the history of ACS(P), reinforced by games and food stalls – all designed around ACS(P) themes – set up by PSG for pupils to enjoy over an extended recess. At the blood donation drive, some 90 supporters responded to the personalised invitation cards of our pupils. The Best Is Yet To Be.

Ms Jillianne Chew