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NAE Award Ceremony 2016

16 February 2016

ACS (Primary) received the Glow award for 2015 at the National Arts Education Award ceremony as an affirmation of its commitment to holistic, integrated and sustained arts education. Our vibrant, 6-year Music and Art enrichment programme has helped to foster in pupils conceptual ability, skills in decision-making, critical thinking and problem-solving, and Cognitive development in general, all a part of the ACS(P) brand of education. Pupils had opportunities to showcase talents at Recess Concerts, and performing arts groups, at school events such as Founder’s Day and Honours Day. We ascribe God due Glory, as we continue to review and refine our programmes for the good of our pupils.

Organised by the National Arts Council, the ceremony honoured 28 schools with its highest Spark accolade, 49 with the Glow and 15, the Blaze award.

Mrs Grace Khoo