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MTL Fortnight and Concert

15 March 2019

Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Fortnight presents an opportunity for boys to immerse themselves in their MT Language and traditional culture. A fortnight of activities were organised for our P3 to P6 boys. MTL Fortnight activities culminated in an entertaining concert on 15 March with performers representing the three MTLs:  Those from the Malay Language group drummed up the kampong spirit with their traditional musical instruments; Tamil Language boys hit a high in South Indian Folklore with their Parai and Elathalam. P5 boys rolled their Chinese drums while the P4s struck Wushu poses. The P3s concluded with a Chinese Opera, A Song for ACS(P), expressing their love for school. P1 and P2 boys will also get to enjoy MTL activities on Fun Days on 22-23 May.