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The ACS House System

Background to the ACS House System
The ACS House System was officially introduced on 16 April 1929, one of the innovations of Mr T W Hinch who became Principal in the same year. Named after distinguished people who had contributed greatly to the cause of ACS, it aims to promote and develop clean and keen competition both individually and among the Houses. 

The first five Houses were named after Bishop William F Oldham Bishop James Thoburn, Rev Goh Hood Keng (GHK), Mr Tan Kah Kee (TKK) and Mr Cheong Koon Seng (CKS). In 2004, three more Houses were introduced and named after Dr Lee Seng Gee (LSG), Dr Shaw Vee Meng (SVM), and Tan Sri (Dr) Tan Chin Tuan (TCT). House representatives can be easily identifiable in the field donning their bright respective colours: OLD (Red), THO (Green), GHK (Yellow), TKK (Dark Blue), CKS (Light Blue), LSG (Grey), SVM (Purple), and TCT (Orange). 

From athletics and sports pursuits, House activities have been expanded to include community and social services, public debates, academic competitions and the Arts. 

Today, the House System aims to inculcate and encourage team spirit as well as to imbue a sense of belonging and loyalty among House members. While encouraging friendly competition among the Houses, the House System instils pride and a resolve to continue the rich tradition that has been rooted by our pioneers.