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Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Every ACSian a young man of character, capability and creativity

Our Mission

Anglo-Chinese School (Primary) believes in providing an all-round education in an environment which seeks to bring out the potential in every pupil to the fullest, and to develop in him a strong moral character, imbued with Christian values and principles to guide and prepare him for life ahead.

Our Shared Values

integrity, Humility, Obedience, Perseverance, Empathy, Faithfulness, Unity and Loyalty (iHOPEFUL)

Our Motto

The Best Is Yet To Be

Our Guiding Principle

Coaching involves guiding each other in the expected behaviours; where we educate one another in knowledge, skills and values in a nurturing manner
(Affective, Cognitive, Social, Physical domains)
Affirming each other by encouraging and providing emotional support
(Affective domain)
Establishing meaningful and effective rapport with one another and building a congenial and collaborative school/working environment
(Social domain)
Engaging one another so as to motivate each other to be innovative and to excel in whatever we do, whether academically or in our chosen sports or areas of interest
(Affective, Cognitive, Social, Physical domains)

Our Strategic Thrusts

ST1: Developing Character and Emotional and Psychological Well-Being

ST2: Creating a Learner-Centered Environment

ST3: Developing Social Responsibility and Student Leadership

ST4: Nurturing Passion for Sports and Developing Healthy and Active Lifestyle Habits

ST5: Building Quality Staff

ST6: Striving for Administrative and Operations Effectiveness and Efficiency

Our Goals

To develop and strengthen the pupils' character by imparting Christian values and principles and by role-modeling.

To help our pupils be the best that they can be through the nurturing of their talents and potential.

To provide our pupils with an all-round education in a conducive learning environment.

To inculcate loyalty and commitment for the school through a sense of identity, love and the ACS spirit.

Our Desired Outcome

Traits of an ACSian (TACS):

i HOPEFUL Leader
Creative Learner
Effective Communicator
Community Collaborator

Desired Outcome (Do not Delete)

Grounded in ACS(P)’s iHOPEFUL values, the iHOPEFUL leader is an ACS(P) gentleman who enjoys an education that are (should be ‘is’) anchored on Christian principles. He is aware of his national and cultural identity and seeks to be a leader of self, of his peers, and of his community.
The ACS(P) gentleman is a creative and inventive thinker who is aware of the socio-cultural sensitivities and possesses a global outlook to issues in the world. He is curious and creative, and seeks to understand complexities and ambiguities. He processes information and knowledge, solves challenges, and is not only a consumer of knowledge but is bold to suggest new ways of doing things.
The ACS(P) gentleman is an effective communicator who is articulate and eloquent. He is effectively bilingual and is able to persuade others and present his thoughts in EL and in his MTL with clarity. He is expressive and knows how to carry himself in both the real-world and the virtual-world domains.
The ACS(P) gentleman does not only seek to grow himself, but endeavours to shape and impact his spheres of influence and his community through close partnerships and collaboration with others. He is a team-player who knows that he cannot work alone to achieve this. He actively contributes to his family, to ACS, his community, and his country and sees this as his responsibility.