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Co-Curricular Activities (CCA)

As part of the holistic development of every pupil, the school believes that CCAs constitute an important aspect in the school’s thrust towards its vision and mission, core values and the achievement of MOE’s Desired Outcomes of Education.

The CCA programme aims to achieve the following objectives:
  • To develop pupils’ character, values, leadership and life skills through authentic and engaging activities
  • To provide pupils with a variety of platforms to realise their potential and excel in non-academic pursuits

To achieve this, we have 4 categories of CCAs for the pupils to choose from:
  • Sports
  • Clubs & Societies
  • Aesthetics
  • Uniformed Groups

Two-Pronged Approach To CCA

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The school adopts a two-pronged approach to CCA: Exposure and Mastery. The Exposure domain caters to students who want to take up a CCA for recreational purposes. The Mastery domain caters to students who show potential in their CCA