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Values in Action Programmes

Values in Action (VIA) are learning experiences that support students’ development as socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community, through the learning and application of values, knowledge and skills. VIA also moulds a platform for pupils to develop community leadership.

ACS(P) VIA programme consists of age-appropriate activities for all the pupils to participate in. They are encouraged to put values into action within the context of real-life situations in 3 broad domains:

  •         Self/Family
  •         Peer/School
  •         Community/Nation/World
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VIA activities/projects are designed around these 3 domains and each level will have at least 1 activity/project from each of these domains. Some examples of the VIA activities that were carried out are:


Pupils have the opportunity to put in practice the iHOPEFUL values that they have learnt as they interact with the world around them, and act with consideration of the consequences of their actions on themselves and others.

After completing the VIA activities, pupils will do reflection in their iCARE booklets to think of the values they have learnt and the attributes of an iHOPEFUL Leader and a Community Collaborator they have acquired.

Staff VIA

The staff VIA serves as a platform for the school to develop our teachers as iHOPEFUL Educators and provides opportunities for our staff to role model the iHOPEFUL values and Traits of an ACSian (iHOPEFUL Leader and Community Collaborator) that we want to nurture in our pupils. 

Examples of staff VIA activities this year include Art & Craft workshops, culinary workshop and games sessions.

iHOPEFUL Educator

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