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Year Head Team

Unique to the ACS(P) brand of education, concerted efforts are put in to ensure that pupils are developed holistically in the ACSP domains.  

The Year Head Team (YH Team) works with the Level Co-ordinators and Form Teachers to provide strong socio-emotional support for the pupils and co-ordinate efforts amongst teachers teaching a particular level. 

The partnership between the YH Team and the form teachers not only allows the school to provide better attention to student needs, it also helps to facilitate and align student-related programmes and other initiatives to strengthen the rapport between teachers and students so as to ensure a more congenial and engaging educational experience and support for students.

Examples of level programmes include:

P1: P1 Orientation

P2: Amazing Race

P3: Pupil on Duty (P.O.D.)

P4: Traffic Games

P5: Outdoor Adventure Camp

P6: Graduation Ceremony and Party